do not meet troubles halfway

do not meet troubles halfway
There are a number of sayings along similar lines, e.g. never trouble trouble till trouble troubles you. Cf. SENECA Epistle XIII. X. quid iuvat dolori suo occurrere? what help is it to run out to meet your troubles?; 1598–9 SHAKESPEARE Much Ado about Nothing I. i. 82 Are you come to meet your trouble? The fashion of the world is to avoid cost, and you encounter it.

1896 J. C. HUTCHESON Crown & Anchor xvi. I can’t see the use of anticipating the worst and trying to meet troubles halfway.

1940 M. SADLEIR Fanny by Gaslight III. ii. What happens when she goes?.. Do not meet troubles half way... When need arises we will see what can be done.

1980 G. THOMPSON Murder Mystery xx. Don’t go meeting trouble half-way. There might just be something we can do.

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